I Have An Olive Tree!

Choose your own tree in the heart of Toscana, 

and enjoy the olive it produces next harvest. 

Give The Perfect Gift!

To your friends, to the planet, and even to yourself.

Our small grove of old growth olive trees are harvested annually with the same farming, harvest and cold-press milling techniques that have been used for generations in Toscana. Our hillside grove is renowned for its distinctive, rich, olive oil.

It’s As Easy As 1-2-3-4.

Step 1:

Join The Family

We have many trees, each with their own personality. We put your name on it’s branches and send you a photo of your tree. 

Step 2:

Receive Your Welcome Packet

We will mail you our Olive Oil Candle, photo of your tree, and an official adoption card with information about your tree. You’ll be the first to hear about different offers through ItalianLife.co, including a rare opportunity to be an organic farmer yourself and join us in Toscana for the harvest. 

Step 3:

Enjoy Harvest Time

We harvest the olives by hand in early November meaning your first order will arrive right in time for the holidays. 

Step 4:

Save A Way Of Life, And The Planet, Too.

Enjoy the knowledge that sustainable harvests and organic, growing methods reduce the impact on the planet, save water, protect the soil and preserve a cultural way of life.