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Episode 1: Castiglioncello’s Relaxing Sea

Episode 1: Sei Briao?

If you are in search of a local swimming spot then I highly recommend taking the train to Castiglioncello. They have several beach umbrella companies to choose from. My personal favorite is the one with the shallow beach surrounded by a dock that then enters into the sea; Bagni La Conchiglia. Castiglioncello’s relaxing sea is the perfect place to unwind and get away from all the stresses in your life.

Traveling to Castiglioncello is very simple. I used to train there from Florence where I was living, and my dad would hop on the same train in Lucca. The fastest way to get there by train is to take the Firenze Santa Maria Novella to Pisa Centrale line. Then take the train directly from Pisa Centrale to Castiglioncello. The total travel is about two hours. If you want to get there faster then you can drive from Florence to Castiglioncello in about an hour and a half. I personally prefer the train so that you can take a quick nap after soaking up all that Italian sun (and Prosecco). 

So many beaches, but choose Castiglioncello’s relaxing sea

All along the Tuscan coast you’ll find pocket beaches, even some rocky free beaches. But Cantiglionecello has some unique attributes, include a convenient train stop. You cross a park and immediately see clear blue waters calling you by name!

Hear the podcast! Andrew and Riccardo talk about Castiglioncello’s relaxing sea amid a hidden rocky coastline. Click here to listen in!

Many of the beach umbrella spots have little cafes too. I go inside and grab a panino and my dad would share a bottle of Prosecco with me. Nothing more relaxing than sipping a nice drink while lounging by the crystal clear water. We used to spend full days out there. Andrew would bring his laptop and work from the chair and I would nap, drink, and nap again. È la vita. We would typically end the day at a rooftop restaurant for dinner and then head home.

The photos above is of me and my college roommates who came to visit me for a few weeks when I was living in Florence. Andrew and I took them out to Castiglioncello for the day and we all had a wonderful time. Zach and I decided to be little bullies and put Jordan on a floatie, then drag her out to the sea with us. She is afraid of deep water, but we wanted to prove to her that she could do it. Her entire body was safe on top of a floatie and we didn’t let her go. I think we also started singing the Jaws theme song? That part wasn’t very nice of us… Jordan still talks about that local spot all the time though so she must’ve had a good time. I often dream of it too when life in America is super busy and overwhelming.  

I hope I have done a good job of convincing you to visit Castiglioncello on your next trip to Italy. If you want to learn more about it you can listen to Riccardo and Andrew share their experiences there in Episode One, Sei Briao? of our Italian Life Podcast.


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