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Episode 4: Pasta Bolognese Anyone?

Episode 4: Pasta Bolognese Anyone?

Have you ever had pasta, Bolognese? Did you enjoy it? Well then, I can guarantee you would be happy to visit the Italian city of Bologna, the birthplace of Bolognese pasta. Put on your walking shoes, make sure your stomach is empty, and get ready to learn everything you need to know about how to enjoy Bologna.

Things you must see and do in Bologna:

Università di Bologna, the oldest university in the world, is a research university in the heart of the city. Walk through the Piazza and daydream about the many historic Italian figures that must have attended here. Take a private tour of the building if you can, to see the inside of this historic place.

Teatro Anatomico was an anatomy lecture hall that was used in 1637. I visited here with my school and it was hard to imagine this small room housing all types of human dissections. It was really amazing to see it. 

The Two Towers, are the landmark of Bologna. The construction of them was thought to have been a competition between two prominent families in 1109. Now slightly leaning, you are still able to go inside and climb to the top. Enjoy the view!

Basilica di San Petronio, built-in 1390 this beautiful church of Bologna houses their Patron Saint, Petronius relics.

Pasta Fresca Naldi, locals rave about the fresh, cheap, pasta here. Dishes range from 7-10 euros and you can take it to go to enjoy somewhere else.

Panini Di Mirò, craving a panino? Check out this local panini shop that has wonderful reviews.

Trattoria del Tempo Buono, “Rustic space with sidewalk tables serving handmade pasta & Mediterranean seafood dishes.”

I hope this guide to Bologna helps you enjoy your trip there. Be sure to tag us on social media! We love to see your travel pics.

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