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Episode 7: Exiled from Pompeii

Episode 7: Exiled from Pompeii


(above: before we were exiled from Pompeii)

In 2018, my school and I took a weekend trip to Napoli and Pompeii. From what I can remember Pompeii was beautiful and really interesting to learn about as we toured through the ruins. My two close friends and I didn’t get as much time in Pompeii as we would have liked though because there was a mixup and we ended up getting stuck outside of the historical city. Exiled from Pompeii.

Basically, we were taking our time exploring one of the ruins and we got separated from our school. The city is MASSIVE so we had no idea where they went. My friend Sophie texted one of our classmates and he said that they were heading out so we decided to just meet them at the gate where we had come in. So we exit the gate and leave the historic part of Pompeii. That’s when this guy decides to tell us that they weren’t actually leaving. The school had our tickets and couldn’t leave the massive group to come get us so we were just stuck for the rest of the day and would meet them at the bus later.

We took the opportunity to explore modern Pompeii which is actually really pretty. We went and saw their main church and grabbed lunch nearby. After that, we always joked that we were exiled from Pompeii since we couldn’t get back in that day. Hours later we somehow managed to find where the bus driver had parked and we got on before picking up our entire class. When the staff got on they were relieved that we found our way.

And that is a summed-up story of how my friends and I were exiled from Pompeii.


Historic Pompeii

The part of Pompeii that everyone goes to see is definitely surreal. When you are about to enter the gate they have the remains of people that were coated in the Volcano ash out on display. It’s heartbreaking that you are able to see their facial expressions still. Once you enter, the city inside is incredibly large and has so many buildings remaining enough for you to go in and know what it once was.

I would recommend staying in Napoli and taking a day trip to Pompeii. There is no need to be there for more than a day. The train or bus to get there is pretty quick and simple so between the two you could make a wonderful weekend trip out of it.

Lastly, make sure you don’t leave once you are inside. You don’t want to be exiled from Pompeii like we were.

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