Our Intro Package

Our team brings its collective expertise to explore every aspect of your organization to provide you a dynamic, user-friendly plan to immediately improve your online engagement.

We begin with a first “block” of 20-25 hours that includes:

• Two client workshops with key team members.
• Focused progress toward each phase deliverables in accordance with the priorities set during the online strategy session.
• Transparent record-keeping of hours and tasks in a shared Google document.
• Freedom to stall, slow, or speed up the work based on the organization’s priorities and budget.

Within this block we will create:

• A powerful strategic overview marketing strategy that can guide your work for months to come.
• A foundational marketing plan that sets the stage for future growth.
• Initial keyword and content evaluation.
• An initial editorial calendar to launch your next phase of growth.
• Report on findings (audiences, revisions based on metrics, etc.) and proposal for next steps.

First block cost: $2,000 upon contract execution.

At the end of this first block you can use these insights to empower yourself or your team to
execute or continue to work with us for any aspect of the ongoing work.