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LGBTQ Travelers Find Welcome in Italy

LGBTQ travelers will find Italy to be a welcoming and hospitable place. From queer friendly-restaurants and hotels to private gal-social clubs, there’s a lot for travelers to delve into during their stay. Visiting Italy for LGBTQ tourists is made easy with our guide.

Of all the places in Italy that welcome LGBTQ travelers, the major cities offer the most options in terms of restaurants and nightclubs to enjoy. In addition to LGBTQ-specific destinations for travelers to explore, there are many romantic places for LGBTQ individuals traveling with their partners or spouses to visit or spend time. 

Big Cities Embrace LGBTQ travelers

Some of the most well-known LGBTQ hubs are in the central Italian cities of Milan, Rome, and Venice. 

While LGBTQ travelers should not feel they need to limit their travels to these cities, there are undoubtedly many gems located within the significant Italian metropolitan hubs that are gay-friendly. LGBTQ travelers in Milan, Rome, and Venice will have a chance to peer into the local gay scenes and LGBTQ nightlife. 

There’s a lot of internet chatter about how a largely Catholic country treats members of the LGTBQ community. Certainly, the new government has heightened concerns. Italians are generally not very “woke” but they are very tolerant. There is no need to be anything but your authentic self. If you hear something that sounds off, try to return the tolerance with understanding that this culture is very different from ours because of its religious roots.


Milan has some of the most vibrant nightlife for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer travelers. As the Italian hub for fashion, culture, and nightlife, it puts Milan at the top of the list of most progressive cities that LGBTQ travelers can visit in Italy. Some of the offerings for LGBTQ travelers include Milan Pride, entire Queer-friendly neighborhoods, and gay parties and events. 

LGBTQ Bars and Restaurants in Milan

In May 2020, Milan was the location for the 37th meeting of the Gay and Lesbian National travel organization. Milan has many designated neighborhoods, such as Porta Venezia, for LGBTQ travelers and locals. Porta Venezia is one of the most gay-friendly areas in all of Italy, where tourists can find most gay bars directly out of the metro station on Vio Lecco street. Another famous gay block that LGBTQ tourists may be interested in checking out is Via Sammartini. 


Rome also has many LGBTQ options with many gay and queer-friendly bars and parties. Like Milan, Rome also has its pride celebration every year. As in most major cities, the gay-friendly areas are not right in the center of traditional tourist spots. In Rome, gay-friendly neighborhoods include Trastevere, Ludovisi, and Solorio. Those neighborhoods have the most gay-owned and friendly hotels, bars, and restaurants that would be the best places for LGBTQ travelers to stay and explore. 

LGBTQ Bars and Restaurants in Rome 

Rome also offers many gay-owned saunas and bathhouses for LGBTQ tourists to visit and experience during their time in Rome. LGBTQ saunas and bathhouses are places to relax and meet other LGBTQ individuals, and they offer a chance to cruise primarily for gay men. 


Venice is a queer-friendly city, but it does not have designated LGBTQ neighborhoods as Rome and Milan do. While Venice lacks gay bars and clubs compared to other Italian cities, LGBTQ travelers will find that bars, restaurants, and other establishments have a very relaxed and open attitude, and they will feel comfortable going anywhere throughout the city, including cultural institutions. Many different Facebook groups offer up information about various parties that take place throughout Venice. 

To attend events or even go to certain LGBTQ bars, tourists will need to purchase something that is called an ARCO card. An Arco card is available in person at any participating club upon entry. The cost of an ARCO card is for a small fee that varies, depending on the club but is usually around 10-15 euros or dollars. The card  will allow entry to several different clubs, bars, and cruising spots designated explicitly for LGBTQ individuals in various parts of Italy. Arco cards are required because many clubs and parties are designated by private by the Italian government as as way to maintain health tracking.

LGBTQ travelers in Italy will find plenty to do, see, taste, find and experience, allowing them to fully embrace Italian culture and have a great time!

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