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Portofino, Italy’s Most Beautiful Seaside Town

When you arrive in Portofino, you may feel, on some level, that you’ve arrived in heaven. The views of the sea are otherworldly, with paths and slopes that lead you through the city and into the blue waters. While the southern edge of the Italian Riviera draws the attention of tourists worldwide with the Cinque Terre, many believe that Portofino is Italy’s most beautiful seaside town. The architecture and people are warm and welcoming as you explore Portofino’s best in art, food, and relaxation. 

Portofino is located in Genoa, on the coast of Northern Italy in the Liguria region. When arriving in Portofino, the one thing you will find right away is how walkable the entire village, which is called a commune, is. The entire region is car-free, so it is easily walkable, but you will have to rely on your feet to bring you from one end to the other. as you soak in the region using your various senses. You will smell the salty air, the fragrant orange trees, and the always lingering scent of Focaccia al Formaggio baking. Stop, sit in a cafe, or continue on the path and visit Castello Brown, a 16th-century fortress that offers beautiful panoramic views of the town. 

The only excuse for not eating the seafood in Portofino is if you eat one of the many other local specialties such as pizza or focaccia. One of the well-known Ligurian seafood dishes is the branzino. In America you may pay $30 or more for branzino in a swanky restaurant, the white flakey fish is a common, inexpensive meal in nearly every Italian coastal town. In Portofino, Restaurante Puny serves it encrusted with salt, and as you dine will give you star treatment, as the well-known restaurant often attracts celebrities and VIPs. 

Portofino is known for its breathtaking views and beautiful water. However, there are no sandy beaches within Portofino itself, though some are nearby. The beaches in Portofino, Niasca, Cannon Bay, and Olivetta are pebbly and not ideal for sunbathing. Still, they are great places to enjoy watersports such as snorkeling, scuba diving, or Kayaking. To get to a sandy beach, you will need to venture a bit further towards Santa Margherita Ligure and go to Paraggi beach, a public beach known for its crystal clear waters.

Another thing Portofino is known for is its many luxury shops. In the comfort of the beautiful seaside town, you can stroll into one of the many boutiques to browse some top brands. You will find the Italian brand Armani and others such as Louis Vuitton. In addition to the luxury boutiques, you will also find local shops run by artisans where you can buy handmade lace and embroidery. 

It is easy to spend a day, a week, or even longer enjoying the different aspects of Italian life in Portofino. Just make sure you are ready to relax and bring your sun hat!


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