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Episode 5: Twilight Fans, This is for You.

Episode 5: Twilight Fans, This is for You.

Twilight fans, you’re going to enjoy this blog post. We’re going to tell you where to go in Italy to see the Volturi and also my own personal experience at Bella Swan’s house.


In the Twilight saga film, New Moon, Bella goes to Italy with Alice to save Edward from the Volturi. In the film, they name the town as Volterra, but it is actually Montepulciano. You can go to the streets and the fountain that Bella runs through in that iconic scene. Piazza Grande is the outdoor piazza where Bella runs through the fountain to get to Edward. You may be sad to know that the fountain was not real and was only placed there for filming, but everything else about the Piazza is the same. Palazzo Comunale was where they shot the inside scenes of the Volturi. The Palazzo is used for Montepulciano’s town hall so you are only allowed to see the terrace and the tower for about 5 euros. Aside from wandering the alleyways, Bella ran through those are the only significant Twilight sights to see in Montepulciano.


Bella’s House.

In the thick of lockdown in January 2021 my friends and I decided to book a stay at Bella Swan’s house from Twilight. The Twilight house is now an Airbnb and it is booked out years in advance so I don’t know how we were able to stay there. The house is outside of Portland, Oregon in the middle of nowhere. Located in Saint Helens, Oregon the only thing to see is the actual house. We stayed for three nights and spent our days watching all the Twilight movies on DVDs. Since we went around Christmas time the house was decorated for the holidays like in one of the ends of the Twilight movies too. The owners of the house did a wonderful job setting it up exactly as it was in the Twilight films. Bella’s room was exactly what you would expect and inside her closet were some of Kristen’s actual costumes from the first movie.

Along with the DVDs, there were also books about Twilight and even cardboard cutouts from the films. We decided to give Oscar-worthy performances with the cutouts and reenact some of the scenes with them. A lot of the time we would be doing a reenactment and we would see Twilight fans pull up outside the house to take photos. So if you want a chill getaway where all you do is watch movies and lay on the couch then definitely check out this Airbnb.

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